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Doctors Recommend LadyCare Plus

The videos featured on this page show why Doctor’s recommend LadyCare Plus to their patients.

They also discuss the benefits they have seen through both their own patients’ experience and medical studies.

View the first video for all three interviews together, or see a short description, biography and each individual interview below.

Dr Nyjon Eccles

The Natural Doctor, Harley Street

Following his double doctorates (Medicine and Pharmacology) Dr. Eccles has worked as a general and natural medicine physician with special interest in supportive nutritional treatments that promote well-being, recovery and anti-ageing. He has brought several product innovations to the field of nutritional and anti-ageing medicine. He is also one of UK’s leading experts in bio-identical hormones.

As the medical Director of The Natural Doctor in Harley Street, London, he has become one of Europe’s leading clinicians involved in Breast Thermography as a non-evasive tool for early detection of breast cancer. Some of his time is spent in research and he has authored many reviews on a wide range of topics related to natural medicine and is in frequent demand as a public speaker.

He is listed in the “Who’s Who” for outstanding achievement in his field.

Miss Tena K Walters

Consultant Breast Surgeon
King Edward VII Hospital

Tena Walters qualified from the Medical College of St Bartholomew’s Hospital in 1983.

She was appointed Lecturer in Anatomy, and subsequently lecturer in Surgery on the Professorial Surgical Unit at Barts where she completed an MS thesis. She has worked in Breast Test Wales and in the Royal National Hospital of Wales, the Heath Cardiff.

In 1996 she was appointed as a Consultant in Breast and Colorectal Surgery at Queen Mary’s Hospital Sidcup and became Lead Clinician of the Breast Unit in 1998 and Lead Clinician in Oncology in 2002. In the same year she was nominated for the Hospital Doctor of the year award and gained proxime accessit in the oncology category.

Her special interests include family history of breast disease, the effects of HRT on breast tissue and the management of breast pain as well as the early diagnosis and management of breast cancer.

She joined the London Breast Clinic team in 1996 and is a member of the Medical Advisory Committee and a member of the Theatre users group for the Harley St Clinic. She is also on the faculty of MANOSMED and a member of the board of the ‘Woman of Influence’ of Cancer Research UK.

Dr Michael Kucera

Consultant in Bio-Regulatory and Mitochondrial Medicine

Internationally renowned medical doctor specialising in mitochondrial and anti-aging medicine. 

Dr. Kucera M.D is dedicated to detecting, improving and restoring the state of health of the organism. He is interested in improving the function of the autonomic nervous system in order to maintain the ideal internal environment and to improve individual capacity to respond and adapt to internal and external stress of any origin. Dr Kucera is the co-developer of the Mitochondrial Therapy programme.

Dr. Kucera is a member of many research teams in Europe and the USA. He is also involved in research in the field of bio-regulatory medicine and he lectures on the method to a number of universities.  

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