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Ladycare - Frequently Asked Questions

What is LadyCare?

LadyCare is a small medical device that comfortably and discreetly clips onto your underwear. It's a safe, drug-free way to reduce the symptoms of menopause with no negative side effects.

Is LadyCare suitable for me?

LadyCare has shown to be helpful and used by thousands of women for menopause symptoms (including perimenopause / post menopause) many are in their 70's.

I am currently using HRT can I use LadyCare?

If you have decided and with the consent of your GP that you wish to stop taking HRT we suggest rather than suffer any possible Withdrawal symptoms use the LadyCare together for the first couple of weeks, before gradually reducing HRT.

Not answered your question about LadyCare? Why not view our forum and ask. Staff members are always available, and happy to help.

Can LadyCare help me if I have had a hysterectomy/ ovaries removed?

In our trial of 508 ladies we purposely did not exclude these women. All received similar benefits.

Will LadyCare help me lose weight or reduce bloating?

In our trial of 508 women, 99 lost an average of l4lbs, possibly due to a reported reduction in bloating/fluid retention.

How soon should I notice benefits?

Do not be surprised if you notice benefits within the first few days, however to receive significant long term benefits it is important that LadyCare is worn continuously, 24 hours a day (to include overnight) as per instructions. Drink plenty of Water to help your body through the adjustment period.

Where do I wear my LadyCare / mn8?

Simply attach LadyCare or mn8 to your underwear approximately 4 inches below the navel (a few inches to the left or right is acceptable). Remove the small magnetic button from the main large curved part and place the large curved face against your body on the inside of your underwear with the small round magnetic button on the outside.

Instructions supplied with product

How long will my LadyCare / mn8 last?

Approximately 10 years.

Can I wear LadyCare / mn8 with a coil?

Yes, there have been no adverse effects reported.

Can I use LadyCare / mn8 if I am diabetic?

This is totally safe. We have had many cases reported of sugar levels being reduced While this is good news, discuss the reduction of your medication if necessary with your doctor.

I am taking blood pressure tablets can I use LadyCare / mn8?

Yes, there have been no adverse effects reported.

I have an under/over active thyroid can I use LadyCare / mn8?

Yes, there have been reported benefits and in some cases a reduction of medication with the use of LadyCare or mn8.

Patients whose hot flushes are due to Tamoxifen or other oestrogen - modifying drugs -

LadyCare has been found to reduce hot flushes, a side effect when Tamoxifen is prescribed for breast cancer. Many women have been using LadyCare for years without any reported adverse on breast, cervical or uterine health. We are therefore confident that the use of LadyCare in such situations will not lead to any increase in risk.

Detox Period

When first starting to Wear LadyCare/ mn8 some may experience a slight "detox" effect; headache or mild nausea. This should only last a few days, drink plenty of water and it should soon pass.

Other Benefits Reported -

For many years women using mn8 post childbirth have found that it enhanced the healing time in the pelvic area, leading to a reduction in the recovery period (to include caesarean & perineal).

  • Endometriosis
  • Reduction in facial spots
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Stronger nails
  • Prolapsed uterus
  • Improved skin tone
  • Incontinence
  • Increased energy
  • IBS
  • Improved quality of sleep

How often do I use my mn8?

For normal period pain mn8 should be worn a couple of days before and during your period.

For severe discomfort mn8 should be Worn as much as possible (24 hors day) through to at least the end of the second period.

For extreme discomfort (*and symptoms above) use continuously.

For breast tenderness place the large curved part facing the breast on the inside of your bra with the small retaining button on the outside.

I've lost a part of my LadyCare can I replace it without buying the whole thing again?

Please visit our replacement parts page to purchase your individual missing part.

LadyCare Lifetime LTD are proud to work with Endometriosis She Trust charity

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